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 The Deposit Amount will be applied to the Total Balance Due and will secure the event date listed under Event Information. All payments must be made by check or credit card. All payments including the retainer are non-refundable. Any Remaining Balances need to be paid

in full and received 10 business days before the event date. In the event of non-payment from

the purchaser, 1024 Productions will give the Purchaser the opportunity to pay in cash the day

of the event, however, the payment must be in Cash and received at least 1 Hour before the

Event Start Time. If any final payments are made after the event start time a $60 administration

fee is added to the Total Amount Due. 1024 Productions also retains the right at its own

discretion to not render services if there is any balance due from the Purchaser, at the start time

of the event, however, the Purchaser will still be responsible for any balance due.

1024 Productions may attempt collection through the courts or an outside agency. The purchaser

will be held responsible for all court fees, legal fees, and collection costs incurred by

1024 Productions. Purchaser shall be charged $35 for each bounced check plus a $7.50 service charge for each collection notice. A 10% late fee may be applied to any outstanding balances still due 30 days after the event date. 

 Purchaser agrees to submit, in writing, any cancellations or changes in the event date or times, 45 days prior to the event date listed under Event Information or any remaining balance will still be due in full and will need to be paid as agreed. 

If 1024 Productions has to cancel this agreement, 1024 Productions will notify Purchaser, in

writing, 45 days prior to the event date listed under Event Information and issue a full refund including the deposit and all monies paid. 

Terms & Conditions

Deposits Only 

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